Total Recovery Oriented Treatment

Chemical dependency is not a moral failing or a weakness of character. It is a chronic disease, much like diabetes or hypertension. Once you have acknowledged your dependency and its impact on you, it is time to get help. At Rassik Complete Recovery, we recognize that your addiction is a serious illness and are committed to providing you comprehensive care.

Rassik offers Total Recovery Oriented Treatment, a tailor made program that will help you live a substance free life. We use a bio-psycho-social model to address your condition from three aspects: physical health, psychological well-being and social repercussion.


Medication Assisted Treatment

There are different approaches to detoxification and we do not recommend ‘Cold Turkey’. Withdrawal and cravings are part of the natural process of rehabilitation. Medications that decrease the intensity of these symptoms, like Suboxone, Subutex and Naltrexone, greatly increase the odds of full recovery. The brain needs time to heal from the effects of drugs and alcohol and these newer medicines are generally non addicting or have very little potential for abuse. They normally work within 3-6 months, but may be used for longer periods.

Our Process

• We take a detailed history which includes your physical health, social situation and substance use.
• We obtain your medical records including lab reports from your primary health care provider.
• A multidisciplinary team formulates an individual treatment plan for your unique situation.
• We encourage you to schedule regular visits to ensure long term recovery.

Coordination of Care

Rassik coordinates care with your other providers including inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol centers, therapists, councilors and medical doctors. If you do not have a specific provider we are happy to help you find one.

There are specialized services for licensed professionals (doctors, nurses, lawyers and pilots) who may need additional help with diversion programs and interacting with licensing boards.


In order to keep it affordable, we charge for each consult payable at the time of your visit. We do not bill insurance companies directly but are happy to provide a receipt and help you fill your insurance claim forms. Most insurance plans cover the treatment and the cost of Suboxone, Naltrexone and psychotropic medication.

Please call us for any additional information.

About Us

This program has been put together by Dr. Rakesh Chandra, MD, JD, LL.M (Health Law). Dr. Chandra is a psychiatrist with forty years of experience. He works at several in-patient and out-patient facilities treating a full spectrum of psychiatric conditions. He is certified under the DATA 2000 Waiver to provide chemically assisted addiction treatments using Suboxone. In addition to buprenorphine products we offer Vivitrol.

We are conveniently located in Carbondale, IL (accessible from IL-127 and IL-51) and Springfield, IL. We welcome patients from all of Southern and Central Illinois, and the tristate area.


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